Little Free Upzoning Library

I’m installing a little free upzoning library below, covering details and studies of upzonings (major and minor) and their effects. I plan to add to it sporadically, as I’m able. Please drop me any suggestions in comments. UPZONE THIS LIBRARY!

upzone your little free libraries

While I’m based in and focused on BC, I’m looking to draw in cases from around the world, though likely with a bias toward the Anglosphere, for pragmatic reasons concerning both language and the overlap of planning histories and housing issues. I’ll begin by setting up a somewhat qualitative distinction between major and minor upzonings. For major upzonings, I’m looking for examples of large-scale outright upzones with wide geographic coverage, with New Zealand offering up my biggest examples so far, so I begin there. I expect the effects of these to be distinct from the minor and more targeted upzonings that follow. I’ll also be looking to include studies and details of upzoning-adjacent moves, including conditional zoning, major planning, and approval process shifts, that might offer developers assurances of likely success, but don’t directly provide for outright development.

New Zealand

General overview:

Auckland, New Zealand (Auckland Unitary Plan, in effect 2016)

New Zealand (nation-wide) (National Policy Statement on Urban Development, in effect 2020-implementation ongoing)

USA General Studies

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